Smart Luggage

Smart luggage

Smart Luggage

We all know about travelling and packing smart, but what exactly is smart luggage? If smart refers to something that has technological capabilities, then why in the world would we need our luggage to have such functionalities? The only way to know, is to read on. 

What Makes Luggage Smart?

Generally, if we speak smart luggage, we are talking about baggage that has some kind of tech ability. Most basic smart luggage includes a charging port. However, some of the more tech-savvy bags include self-weighing abilities, which can be super helpful when preparing for a flight. If that wasn’t enough, some of these bags include trackers, so that you can be sure that if your bag had to go missing, or somehow grow legs, you would be able to track its whereabouts. Just remember with great power, comes great responsibility (wait, is that from the Spiderman movie? I think I need to cool it with my TV time, cringe). Anyway, what I am trying to say is, that with these fancy tech abilities, comes a hefty sized price tag. 

Now that’s a Little Extra

We have decided that smart luggage is a cool and futuristic thing, but, do you want to hear something a little bit extra? Some smart luggage, once an app is downloaded, will notify you via your phone if your luggage has been opened out of your presence. There are also bags that you could sit on, and they can wheel you around, it features a little motor as well as LED light controls, proximity alert, and a riding range of up to 12km. I mean, what next? 

In a Nutshell

The possibilities of what we can do with technology are absolutely endless, all we need is a genius to think it up and another genius to put it together and we have a brand-new invention. If you are willing to pay the price, you could get yourself a really fancy, smart bag to take on your trip with you the next time you travel! 

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